Important] Response to the Corona Disaster

The Network Joint Research Center for Materials and Devices area is committed to providing as much support as possible to prevent stagnation or delay in the promotion of joint research due to travel restrictions caused by the Corona Disaster. The following are examples of our support. However, we understand that circumstances differ depending on the social situation and your institution’s response, so please feel free to contact the center headquarters if you have any questions or concerns regarding the promotion of collaborative research.

(Case study of support in the Corona Disaster)
(1) Support for measurements using common analytical instruments owned by the five laboratories (assuming that samples are sent without travel)
(2) Support for web conferencing with 5 laboratories, etc.
(3) We will cooperate in preventing the spread of new coronavirus infection, and will consider financial support to the extent possible when research meetings that were cancelled or postponed (seminars, lectures, results reporting meetings, etc. organized, co-sponsored or supported by the Center or Alliance) are to be held again.